This interactive story works best in Chrome and Firefox. If you have any problems with the sound, please make sure you have the latest version of your browser installed.  Due to the compatability of the various softwares, there may be a problem playing this using Safari on Apple Mac devices.

There are a few loud sounds in the story. If this is challenging, please  adjust the sound by clicking the white arrow in the top left hand corner of the page when the story is playing.

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All the Beautiful Things has been made by Blind Ditch and commissioned by intoBodmin. With many thanks to all the people of Bodmin whose ideas were the inspiration for this story.

Cornish translation and voice acting is by Will Coleman. Sound design is by Lena Mueller.

Project assistant was Adie Dove Armstrong. Made with the help of University of Exeter intern Alice Walters, and University of Plymouth graduate interns Chiara Grassi and Jenny Tang whose work was made possible by the iMayflower scheme.

Project branding is by Jamie Baldwin.

All the Beautiful Things has been made possible by the Arts Council England Lottery Fund.

Additional sound effects: Starling Murmuration Loop 3 provided by helloearth74/ Pond5, Theme Park Efteling - Barrel organ of a carousel by klankbeeld available under Creative Commons Licence Attribution 3.0 CC by SA.

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